Sunday, January 24, 2010

No Scratchies Newborn Mitts


Sport weight yarn (the softer the better…examples use Knit Picks Shine Sport)


Tapestry needle

CO 24 stitches
R1 Join in a loop witout twisting and work K2P2 rib for 12 rounds
R2 (K4, M1) around (30 sts)
R3 K around
R4 (K5, M1) around (36 sts)
R5 K around for 10 rounds
R6 (K7, K2tog) around (32 sts)
R7 (K6, K2tog) around (28 sts)
R8 (K5, K2tog) around (24 sts)
R9 (K4, K2tog) around (20 sts)
R10 (K3, K2tog) around (16 sts)
R11 (K2, K2tog) around (12 sts)
R12 (K1, K2tog) around (8 sts)
Cut yarn and draw the tail through the remaining stitches, pull to the inside of the mitt, pull tight, tie off, and weave in the ends. Repeat for the second mitt.

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Unknown said...

I am so glad I found these I am going to a baby shower in a couple weeks and I can whip up a couple of these in no time!!

BTW- I love your picture on why your skeins are in knots; mine are too from 4 cats, plus one of them is a klepto and loves to steal and hide my needles from me!

Unknown said...

This is my Husband's gmail info- I am Amanda by the way!

Amy said...

Glad to help!!

LOL...that is funny. Yeah..Aspen has a thing for yarn...especially wool, lol :D

Daughter of The KING said...

Hi Amy
I just absolutely Love, Love these little mitts. My grandson is 2weeks old and has such long sharp nails and needs these!
Thanks so much for the pattern.

Mary said...

Thanks very much. I made these for my soon-to-be grandbaby out of patterned sock yarn.

Unknown said...

Hi i love these mitts its so i am expecting a baby in mid dec thaught of doing some stuff...lucky tat i found this one...but i had one i am new to the knitting world ..which type of needle are you using is it a circular needels...

Holly said...

These are perfect! I'm due 10/13/2010 and I know it's going to get cold quickly after that here in Charleston. These are quick enough looking that I think I'll be able to make a few pairs before he gets here!

Alexandra said...

Thank U for the pattern! Got a bunch of D B baby cashmerino and this a perfect project for my leftovers and finally for the Swedish "Stickhjälpen" (Knittinghelp-org). Thank U once again!!

Jezriyah said...

Hi Amy!

I'm planning to make a pair of these mitts plus the Newborn Froggie Hat for a friend who's expecting. Was one skein of green enough to make the hat and a pair of mitts?

Julie said...

Oooh! I want to make some of these for my nephew-to-be! My babies always scratched their faces so bad, and these will be wonderful! Thanks for the pattern!

Amy said...

Jezriyah-One skein of KP Shine Sport was more than enough for the hat and the mitts. I love one skein projects!

A Beautiful Love said...

is "ks" knit stitch? I couldent find it anywhere in the knitting abbreviation glossaries but thats the only obvious meaning i can come up with lol! thank you!

A Beautiful Love said...

ooooh nvm, i see here it was just the font looking like an "s" and its really a 5 lol! sorry!

Charlie said...

Oh, how cute! I am going to make a heap of these to donate:)

Unknown said...

I'm counting the stitches and think I'm missing something. I have 24 stitches, but when I do k4,M1 I end up with 28. Am I doing something wrong? Thank you, Holly