Thursday, November 5, 2009

It started with a pile of felt

Felt Puppet Theatre
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Ok, truely it started with a Diaperswappers challenge, LOL. The ladies in the Craft Chat forum were discussing making card table playhouses out of felt like this one. My girlies already have the "Rose Petal Cottage" so really were not in need of another playhouse. What they needed was a puppet theatre (since the paper mache one we had made was an unfortunate casualty of a large rainstorm,LOL). So a trip to Joann's was in order! A huge pile of felt later we were ready to begin. The girls were entranced by the idea even before the felt was cut, and were already playing under the table...I could have just stopped there, LOL. Nope...had to continue! I measured the dining table and cut the felt for the top and sides of the theatre. I cut super large 'windows' on three of the sides...initiating the REAL challenge of the to keep the windows from drooping (and a 19mos old from crawling through them!). I had originally planned to just sew the window sills, fringe trim and Minkee curtains (oh how I LOVE Minkee!!) on, but it was soon apparent that was not going to be sufficient. Next step, stuffing the bottom sills...well, that helped some, but there was still some droop...of course I didn't realize that until I had all 4 walls sewn together...lovely hindsight, LOL.

So the real wrestling match began. Pinning, stuffing, and sewing the support 'stripes' under the windows. It worked beautifully, and looks like it was planned that way, LOL, but oh it was a bear to do! If I make any more of these in the future (or if any of you decide to try and tackle this idea) I'll have to remember to do the supports BEFORE sewing the walls together!! We have lots of happy little puppeteers, though, so it was all well worth it!

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