Friday, August 21, 2009

Little Fire Sleep Sack

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Features the same roomy back as the other Little Fire patterns, as well as lots of legroom for kicking :D

Newborn up to approx.15lbs

This pattern is worked with worsted weight wool yarn. Uses approx. 385 yds (example uses Knit Picks Wool of the Andes in Williamsburg and Maple Syrup)
Hook size G, Gauge 4 stitches per inch, 4 rows per inch in sc, or whatever hook you need to maintain gauge.

R1 Cast 56 dc’s using the No Chain double crochet. (initial ch3 plus 55 dc’s), and join in a loop, being careful not to twist. For step by step instructions on how to do the No Chain foundation see:

R2-R6 SLST around the first st of round 1, ch2, *BPDC around next st, FPDC around next st* repeat around and join with a SLST in the top of the Ch 2. (Bind off if you plan on using a different color for the body of the soaker, otherwise continue on to R7.)

R7 (If starting a new color, join with a SLST in the first DC) CH 1, SC in same st, and in next 2 sts, 2 SC in next st, *SC in next 3 sts , 2 SC in next st*, repeat *-*{14 increases} around, join with a SLST in the first sc 70scs

R8 Ch1, turn, SC in each stitch around, join with SLST in first SC. 70scs

R9-R11 Repeat R8

R12 CH1, turn, SC in first 2sts, HDC in next 4sts , DC in in next 23sts, HDC in next 4sts, SC in remaining 37sts, join with SLST to first SC.

R13-R16 Repeat rounds 9 to 12

R17-R20 Repeat rounds 9 to 12

R21-R24 Repeat rounds 9 to 12

R25-R72 Repeat round 8 (until garment measure 16 inches, approx 47 repeats) {You might be tempted to speed this section along by using dc…don’t…this will make larger ‘holes’ that could be problematic for tiny toes ;)}

R73 Ch1, turn, sc in first 4 sts, ch1 skip 1 sc, *sc in next 4 sts, ch1 skip 1 sc* Repeat *-* around, join with a SLST in first sc.

R74 Ch1, turn, sc in each sc and ch1 space around. Join with a SLST in the first sc

R75-R76 Ch1, turn, sc around, join with a SLST in the first sc

R77 Ch1, turn, reverse sc around for finishing, join, bind off, weave in ends.

Stitch closed the small V at the ribbing using the leftover tail before weaving in your end.

Make 2 drawstrings…one for the top waistband, one for the foot closure. Weave the first through the top ribbing, and the second through the bottom eyelet row.


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