Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Little Whale Tail Newborn Hat


Sport weight yarn (example uses Knit Picks Shine Sport in River, about 2/3 of a skein)

US 5 DPN’s

Tapestry needle

Measuring tape

CO 80 stitches (on US 6, then transfer to US5 or DPNs)
R1 K for 24 rounds for rolled brim (for a ribbed brim, K2P2 for 6 rounds then knit for 14 rounds)
R2 (K4, K2tog) around (*Note: do not worry if decs do not come out even, it will work out in the end :D)
R3 K for 3 rounds
R4 (K3, K2tog) around
R5 K for 3 rounds
R6 (K2, K2tog) around
R7 K for 3 rounds
R8 (K, K2tog) around
R9 K for 3 rounds
R10 (K2tog) around (14 sts)
R11 K for 3 rounds

Tail fin 1:
R12 K1, M1, K5, M1, K2, M1, K5, M1, K1
R13 K around
R14 K1, M1, K7, M1, K2, M1, K7, M1, K1
R15 K around
R16 K1, M1, K9, M1, K2, M1, K9, M1, K1
R17 Purl back 6 stitches, turn
R18 **K5, M1, K2, M1, K4, K2tog, turn
R19 Purl across, turn
R20 K2tog, K4, M1, K2, M1, K4, K2tog, turn
R21 Purl across, turn
R22 K2tog, k10, K2tog, turn
R23 Purl across, turn
R24 K2tog across, turn
R25 Purl across, turn
R26 K2tog, across, turn
R27 Purl across, turn
R28 K3tog, pull yarn through last stitch, and cut, leaving a long enough end to seam that half of the tail.**

Tail fin 2:
Join yarn with wrong (purl side) facing and purl across
Repeat fin instructions as for fin 1, from ** to ** (rows 18 to 28)

Seam the open parts of the tail, pull ends to the inside, and weave in.


Some suggested supplies for this project:
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Mutti said...

i have just had the most fun looking thru all your patterns. You are so very creative and talented. I can't wait to start making some of these delightful things! Thank you! Thank you!

Amy said...

You are quite welcome! Enjoy :D

Christye said...

I am stuck on R19, I am a new knitter so I don't understand how to "purl back". Thanks for the pattern, it's darling.

Christye said...

I just realized I posted wrong. I am stuck on R17.

Pat said...

So precious - can't wait to knit - my new grandson to be named Jonah - so how perfect - love it and thanks so much for sharing!

Sara Marks said...

I am stuck where Christye is as well... by purl back do you mean turn and purl 6 stitches? The way you word it is unclear.

Yarn Adroit said...

A user on ravalery named " librarygurl" Suggested this.
Cute, but there are some possible edits that would make things clearer. First, the purl back 6 stitches confused me and at least one other. I would change it to “turn and purl 6 stitches”. I would also suggest that people, when working on the tail, switch to 2 needles with half the stitches on each needle.