Wednesday, July 16, 2008

'No Sweat' Water bottle cozies

With a concern for the number of single use water bottles my kids could go through in a given week (recycleable, yes, but sooo wasteful) I've given them all reusable water bottles. In an effort to combat the sweating that happens with any cold beverage, I have worked them up some 'No Sweat" cozies. These are so simple to do.

All were made with different novelty yarns (ribbon, funfur, component yarn)

The first 2 on the left were made by crocheting on size I hook

4chains into a loop, working 2 chains, then working 12 dc's and joining with a slst to form a ring.

Slip stitch to the space between the first 2 dc's, chain 2 and dc in the same space, 2 dc in next space, and around, joining with a slip st.

Slip st to the space between the first 2 dc's, ch3, and dc in the next space, **ch1, dc in next space**, around. join w/ slip st.

Slip the first space between the first 2 dc's, ch3, and dc in the next space, **ch1, dc in next space**, around. join w/ slip st.

Continue in this fashion until the cozy is tall enough to reach the neck of your will stretch a bit, so check frequently for size.

Bind off and run a drawstring in and out of the last row of dc's.

The 3rd cozy is also crochet, also on size I, and for the first 2 rounds, is worked the same as above, but instead of continuing in dc's all the way up, ch 5 and sc into the dc spaces, working a couple of slip stitches at the end of each round so that you are starting the next round around the 3rd chain of each ch5 set.. To finish, work a round of **sc, ch1* around the top, then a round of **dc, ch1** ,bind off, weave a drawstring through the final dc row.

The fourth design was worked up on the small blue Knifty Knitter with a boucle yarn. It was a bit of a "collaboration" with my 9yo dd (ie, she did some, mom did most, LOL) She has a thermos style bottle, but still wanted a cozy. We worked about 15 rounds, worked a crochet bind off, adding in a large coordinating hairtie elastic, basically just encasing the elastic within the sc bindoff, cinched the bottom closed and secured it firmly. It just slips over the bottle like a sock, and is held up really will by the elastic, much better for this type of bottle,as it won't slip off too easily.

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woohoo said...

i was actually wondering about your soakers and figured you wouldnt check back for comments on that entry...
i want to make one but this will be my first baby so i have no idea what small, medium and large will fit. can you help? i dont want to make too many of one size, and if i knew weights that would be helpful. thanks!

Amy said...

Smalls fit my ds until about 12 lbs or so, he is in Med now at 17 lbs, with plenty of room still.

acv2 said...

Wonderful!! Thanks for sharing!

Meagan said...

Thanks for giving useful infomation about water bottle.