Thursday, July 10, 2008

The "Totally Mindless" Fashion scarf

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Sometimes I really don't want to have to pay attention to what I am doing while watching tv or a movie. At those times, I will pull out a ball of fun fuzzy yarn and do some finger knitting. (Usually scored from the $tree or 99cent stores...can't beat those prices!) I learned (a lifetime ago) at summer camp ((Picture a tent garlanded with miles of gaudy yarn tubes, LOL)). For this technique (if you don't know how to finger knit, check out ) I don't use all 4 fingers like you normally would, but just 2. I "knit" the entire ball into a long (and much thicker) strand, then "knit" the resulting strand, again using just 2 fingers. I weave in the tails that are left from the first "knit-through", and voila!! I much prefer this technique over simply doing a 4-finger finger knit, as the resulting 'fabric' will be a bit denser, with less stretch than the traditional finger knitting. You really do not want too much stretch on long scarves like these. Since all balls of yarn are not created equal, there will some variation from scarf to scarf. The ones pictures here are from left to right...Bernat Bling Bling in "Moulin Rouge", Bernat Bling Bling in "Night Club", Lion Brand Fancy Fur in "Tiger Eye", and Lion Brand Festive Fur, in a colorway I can't locate, LOL. They make super quick and easy last minute gifts. My eldest dd likes to make these for her friends on their birthdays.
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