Friday, October 31, 2008

Little Fire Crochet Soaker Updated!!

I have updated my Little Fire Crochet Soaker pattern, adjusted a few of the figures, and added figures for XL. I have also added instructions for 3 versions of skirty!!
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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Little Fire Crochet Pants

At long last it is done!! I have finally (with a little beta testing help from my friends at the wool soaker group)finished the Little Fire Crochet Pants! This pattern is written in four sizes (and I plan on adding XL to the original Little Fire Crochet Soaker pattern as well) Soooo...without further ado, here it is....

(I have had a few people mention that they were having trouble getting the waistbands of the Little Fire wooly patterns loose enough to have enough stretch, even when using a larger hook for the foundation. I have found the answer...the no-chain foundation!! If you go here No Chain and scroll down to the bottom of the page, you will find pictorial instructions for doing the No Chain Double Crochet. Work this technique to length (one less dc than the number of dc's called for in the pattern) in place of the foundation chain and first row of dc in both Little Fire Patterns.
I tried it out myself on the Pirate shorties I made for my son (incorporating a little stranding for a bit of fun) and it worked out fabulously. There is a small V at the join when following this technique, but it is easily stitched closed with the tail. The resulting stretchy waistband top is wonderful!)

Little Fire Soaker Pants

This pattern is worked with worsted weight wool yarn
Hook size G, Gauge 4 stitches per inch, 4 rows per inch in sc, or whatever hook you need to maintain gauge.
All Sizing is Approximate:
SMALL= WEIGHT 11-17 lbs WAIST 12-20 in. THIGHS 7-12 in. RISE 15-16 in. INSEAM 7 in.
MEDIUM= WEIGHT 15-22 lbs WAIST 12.5-20 in. THIGHS 8-13 in. RISE 17-18in. INSEAM 9 in.
LARGE= WEIGHT 20-26 lbs WAIST 13-22 in. THIGHS 9-14 in. RISE 19-20 in. INSEAM 11 in.
X-LARGE= WEIGHT 24-30 lbs WAIST 14-24 in. THIGHS 9-15 in. RISE 21-22 in. INSEAM 13 in.

Chain 56 loosely (64, 72, 80) Join in a loop with a slip stitch, being sure not to twist the chain

Row 1 CH 2 (count as first DC) DC in each SC around , join with a SLST in the top of the CH 2

Row 2-3 SLST around CH 2 of row 1, CH 2, *BPDC around next st, FPDC around next st* repeat around and join with a SLST in the top of the Ch 2. (Bind off if you plan on using a different color for the body of the soaker, otherwise continue on to Row 4.)

Row 4 (If starting a new color, join with a SLST in the first DC) CH 1, SC in same st, and in next 2 sts, 2 SC in next st, *SC in next 3 sts , 2 SC in next st*, repeat *-*{14(16, 18, 20) increases} around for a total of 70(80, 90, 100)

Row 5 Ch1, turn, SC in each stitch around, join with slip stitch in first SC. 70(80, 90, 100)

Row 6-8 Repeat row 5

Row 9 CH1, turn, SC in first 2(3, 4, 5) st, HDC in next 4(5, 6, 7) sts , DC in in next 23(24, 25, 26) sts, HDC in next 4(5, 6, 7) sts, SC in remaining 37 (43, 49, 55) sts, join with SLST to first SC.

Row 10-25 Repeat Rows 6-9 4 times for small, 5 times for medium, 6 times for large, and 7 times for extra-large. -70(80, 90, 100)scs

(For a longer rise, add additional repeat(s) of rows 6-9 here)

Row 26 repeat row 6 once more, bind off

count over 20(24 ,27, 30) stitches from the beginning of round and join a new yarn with a SLST (working on the wrong side of the fabric)...ch1, sc in same and next 5(7, 9, 11) sts
*ch1, turn, sc 6(8, 10, 12) * rep 2 (4, 6, 8) times more, ...whipstitch to backside, making sure leg openings are equal…stitch count of 29(32, 35, 38) free stitches /per leg

Join yarn for leg in any st (I prefer to join at the inseam) sc around in each sc, and into each st at the gusset 35(40, 45, 50)scs NOTE* Be sure you a crocheting in the opposite direction from the previous row.

Row 27-54(62, 70, 78) CH1, turn work 35(40, 45, 50)SCs

###repeat 1/2 as many rounds for shorts###
***repeat 2/3 as many rounds for Capris***
+++option do a sc, 2sc pattern around for flared cuff+++

Bind off. Repeat for other leg, weave in ends, trim, Voila!
You can add your favorite style of drawstring at the waist if you desire.

Pattern updated 12/3/08
© 2008-by Amy O’Holleran: This is my original work, and may not be reproduced for sale without my express permission.

This pair of Little Fire pants was done by yahoo wool soaker group member Becky :) Thanks to her for the use of these pics ;)

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Taken the Etsy plunge...

So many people have told me over the years that I should sell my stuff...well, I'm finally doing it. A week ago last Friday I officially opened an Etsy. It took me months to get up the guts and just DO it already. So far so good...I'm starting to get the sort of assortment of stock (and crafting options) that interest me...I don't want to be stuck doing one sort of thing and end up being BORED out of my skull, LOL. My linky is Tangled Skeins So the name is no surprise, fits me on so many levels ;) I have installed the mini Etsy widget here at is on the left side if you scroll down a bit. It just gives you a few examples of what I have in stock. At the moment I have several super soft Minkee pocket bibs, travel sized wet bags, fashion scarves, a hat, a fulled bag, and a Waldorf inspired rag doll. I have quite a few other things in the works, including some more hats, gauntlets, wool diaper soakers, and stuffed toys. Please keep me in mind when you are looking for items hand made with a lot of love. Pin It