Sunday, January 24, 2010

Newborn Froggie Hat


Sport weight yarn (example uses Knit Picks Shine Sport in Grass, about 2/3 of a skein, and scraps of White)
US 5 DPN’s
Tapestry needle
Measuring tape


CO 80 stitches (on US 6, then transfer to US5 or DPNs)

R1 K2P2 rib for 6 rounds
R2 K for 2 inches
R3 (K4, K2tog) around (*Note: do not worry if decs do not come out even, it will work out in the end :D)
R4 K for 3 rounds
R5 (K3, K2tog) around
R6 K for 3 rounds
R7 (K2, K2tog) around
R8 K for 3 rounds
R9 (K, K2tog) around
R10 K for 3 rounds
R11 (K2tog) around
R12 K for 3 rounds
Break off yarn leaving a long enough tail to run through the remaining live stitches, tie off, and weave in.


CO 20 sts in main color on US5
R1 K across
R2 P across
R3 K, K2tog, K14, SSK, K
R4 P across
R5 K, K2tog, K12, SSK, K
R6 P across
R7 K, K2tog, K10, Ssk, K
R8 P across
R9 Bind off

CO 8 sts in white
R1 P across
R2 K, K2tog, K2, SSK, K
R3 P across
R4 K, K2tog, SSK, K
R5 P across
R6 Bind off, leaving a long enough tail to attach the whites to the outer eye piece.

Sew the white and outer eye pieces together using a whip stitch, embroider the iris in the eye, sew the eyes in place (about 8 to 10 rounds down from the crown) stuffing with a tiny bit of poly. Embroider ‘nostrils’ in place if desired.

Some suggested supplies for this project:
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Rachel A said...

love love love this hat! i'm a sucker for anything froggie, so i can't wait to give this a whirl. you've been so productive this month, amy! your little one will be dressed to the nines when he makes his arrival!

Amy said...

:D thanks! I had a hand injury (stress fracture) so couldn't knit for a long while, and am making up for it. These started out as rehab projects, but they are just so darn cute, and I just adore the yarns! I have one more hat design in the works...should be up soon :D

Lori said...

Try knitting continental style it really reduces the strain that normal knitting puts on us. Here is a video you will see the difference.

holla said...

How cute! Where did you post the pattern for the mittens?

Amy said...

The pattern for the mittens can be found under "No Scratchie Newborn Mitts" hth!!

zlatnyz said...

I love this hat, and am making it for an expecting friend. I would love to make the mitts as well. Do you have the pattern? I can find basic mitt patterns for babies, but I love the pointed detail in yours.

zlatnyz said...

just saw that you said in previous comment where to find mitten pattern. Sorry!