Friday, September 18, 2009

Amy's Wrap, Newborn

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I finished reworking my wrap pattern for newborns last night (as requested on the Yahoo Wool Soaker Group)

Using the original pattern (Crochet Wrap)...sized down in this manner...

Foundation chain with F hook
Rows 1-3 worked with D hook, switching back to the F at the final Ch1
Rows 4-60 worked with F hook, switching back to the D at the final Ch2
Rows 61-63 and side finishing worked with the D hook.

Back waistband measures 13 inches
Front waistband measures 9 inches
Rise measures 13 inches
Crotch width measures 8 inches
(all measurements unstretched)

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Unknown said...

That is really cure! Lovely.

LifeWords said...

Oh my goodness, I was so surprised to see your cute little "triangle" soaker up there. I've been wanting to make one up from recycled fabric, but I don't want the stitches to come loose or something. I think I may just knit it. Is it pretty easy?

LifeWords said...

But then again, It's not a "triangle" soaker is it? Silly Me:)

lindylinda said...

Amy, could you tell me the gauge of the finished project, both the newborn and regular wrap patterns? I made one of the newborn wraps, and though it is not enormous, it is much to big for my newborn (9lbs at birth, so he's not tiny). I am new to crochet, and my projects are coming out way too big if I don't have a gauge to help me. Thanks!