Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Little Legs...

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crochet baby (to about age 6) legwarmers {or armwarmers for age 6+}

Little Legs:

Yarn, sport weight
Size F hook
No actual gauge.

Ch40, join in a ring being careful not to twist the chain.

R1 Ch2, dc in next chain and in each around, join

R2 Slst around ch2, ch2 (count as fpdc), work bpdc around next dc, (work fpdc around next dc, work bpdc around next dc)repeat around, join w/slst in ch2

R3 Repeat previous row twice more OO

R4 Ch2, dc in next st and in each st around , join w/slst in ch2

R5 Repeat previous row 19 times more OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

R6 Ch2, decrease next 2 sts together, work dc in each st around to last 2, decrease next 2 sts together, join w/slst in ch2

R7 Repeat previous row 3 times more OOO

R8 Ch2, dc in each st around, join w/slst in ch2

R9 Slst around ch2, ch2 (count as fpdc), work bpdc around next dc, (work fpdc around next dc, work bpdc around next dc)repeat around, join w/slst in ch2

R10 Repeat previous row twice more. OO
Bind off and weave in ends.

For stripes, I have found that I prefer to have 3 round stripes in the body…single rounds either left a LOT of tails to weave in when cut, or not as much stretch when carried

For the cream baby headband pictured above:
CH 70 (add length by 2's for a larger headband) and join in a loop, being careful not to twist the chain.
R1 ch 2 (count as first dc) and dc in each ch around, join with a slst in the top of ch2.
R2 slst around ch2, ch2, work bpdc around next dc, work fpdc around next dc, work bpdc around next dc), continue around, and join with a sl st in the top of ch 2.
R3+ Repeat round 2 for desired width, bind off, weave in ends. Decorate as desired. The example is decorated with a 6 petaled freeform flower and a shank button.

000_0689 *example features a baby newsboy hat...this pattern will be added later :) Pin It


Suri said...

any way to do this with knitting?

Amy said...

yes, there is, but I haven't written it up yet...I'm in the midst of holiday and birthday madness(2 down 3 to go!!!), but I will work on it!

Suri said...

thanx:) i dont know how to crochet...

ladybugg111 said...

These would go great for my arthritic dog as well. Thanks for the pattern!!


Sara said...

I have made some of your patterns and love them, but I really, really, really need that baby newsboy cap!!! Have you worked up a pattern for that?

Amy said...

I haven't yet...been busy with a few other patterns, but I will get on it!! If it isn't up in the next week, bug me!!

mistylynn313 said...

Do you have the hat pattern? its gorgeous - I would love to try it!

girliemum said...

Ran across your blog searching for a good crochet wrap pattern. I'll be using your Amy wrap pattern now because I didn't like a few quirks about the tickle turdle wrap either. I can tell it lays better! Anyway, your newsboy hat is cute and was wondering if that was near ready to post. Thanks.

3.0's Mom said...

Hi! I have a question about this pattern. I'm new to crochet and I'm self-taught, so I'm still trying to decipher things. In R2, when you say Slst around ch2 what do you mean? Is the direction to do a slip stich around the chain as in the same manner you would start a FPDC? Is that clear as mud? Haha! Thanks!

Amy said...

Yes, it is just like for a fp or bpdc, just without the yarn over. I'm not sure of any tut's, but if you still have problems, I might be able to do some pics...if I get a free few minutes, LOL. :D hth!

Lexi said...

Could you tell me what size the headband is, please? I'm wanting to make the leg warmers for my 5-year-old to wear on Easter, but I'd also like to make her a headband. I know I can make it bigger, but I like to know what I'm starting with. Thanks! :)