Friday, February 22, 2008

Crochet Wrap pattern

I worked this one up a few years ago after trying the Tickle Turdle pattern, and really not liking how it was turning out. I frogged the work I had done on that pattern, and came up with this one instead.

Amy's Diaper Wrap Pattern

With size I hook and Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool

Ch 52
Row 1. DC in 3rd ch from hook and in each ch across, turn.
Row 2. Ch2 (counts as first dc), **fpdc (frontpost double crochet) around next dc, bpdc (backpost double crochet) around next dc**, repeat **/** across. Turn.
Row 3. Ch2 (counts as first dc) ** bpdc around next dc, fpdc around next dc**, repeat **/** across. Ch1,Turn.
Row 4 SC in each dc across, ch1, turn
Row 5-13 Repeat Row 4
Row 14 Insert hook into first sc, yo (yarn over) and draw up a loop, insert hook into second sc, yo and draw up a loop, insert hook in 3rd sc, yo and draw loop through all loops on hook, this is a 'gather'. SC in each sc across to the last 3 sc's, and repeat gather. Ch1, turn.
Row15-18 Repeat Row 14
Row 19 SC in each stitch across (you should have 31 sc's), Ch1, turn.
Rows 20-26 Repeat Row 19
Row 27 Insert hook into first sc, yo and draw up a loop, insert hook into second sc, yo and draw up a loopyo and draw through all loops on hook (decrease made), sc in each sc acrsoss to last 2 sc, repeat decrease, ch1, turn. (29 sc's)
Row 28 SC in each sc across, ch1, turn. (29 sc's)
Row 29 Decrease, sc in each sc across to last 2, decrease, ch1, turn. (27 sc's)
Row 30 SC in each sc across, ch1, turn (27 sc's)
Row 31 Decrease, sc in each sc across to last 2, decrease, ch1, turn (25 sc's)
Row 32 SC in each sc across, ch1, turn (25 sc's)
Row 33 Decrease, sc in each sc across to last 2, decrease, ch1, turn (23 sc's)
Row 34 SC in each sc across, ch1, turn (23 sc's)
Row 35 Decrease, sc in each sc across to last 2, decrease, ch1, turn (21 sc's)
Row 36 SC in each sc across, ch1, turn (21 sc's)
Row 37 2 sc in first sc (increase made), sc in each sc across to last sc, 2 sc in last sc (increase) ch1, turn (23 sc's)
Row 38 SC in each sc across, ch1, turn. (23 sc's)
Row 39 Increase, sc in each sc across, increase, ch1, turn. (25 sc's)
Row 40 SC in each sc across, ch1, turn. (25 sc's)
Row 41 Increase, sc in each sc across, increase, ch1, turn. (27 sc's)
Row 42 SC in each sc across, ch1, turn. (27 sc's)
Row 43 Increase, sc in each sc across, increase, ch1, turn. (29 sc's)
Row 44 SC in each sc across, ch1, turn. (29 sc's)
Row 45 Increase, sc in each sc across, increase, ch1, turn. (31 sc's)
Row 46 SC in each sc across, ch1, turn (31 sc's)
Row 47-59 Repeat Row 46
Row 60 SC in each sc across, ch2, turn
Row 61 Let ch2 count as first dc, dc in each sc across, turn (31 dc's)
Row 62 Ch2 (count as first dc) **fpdc around next dc, bpdc around next dc** repeat **/** across, turn
Row 63 Ch2 (count as first dc) **bdpc around next dc, fpdc around next dc** repeat **/** across, finish off.
Side finishing: (use size G hook)
Row 1 Join with slip stitch in the side of the last dc made, sc once in the side of each dc (3 sc's) and evenly along entire edge (mark with a contrasting color where the increases and decreases begin/end...this will help with later fp/bp placement), ch 1, turn.
Row 2 sc for first 10 sc's, then dc in each remaining sc across, ch1, turn.
Row 3 sc across to point where increases begin, **fpdc around next dc, bpdc around next dc**, Repeat **/** across to end of decrease section, sc across to end, ch1, turn.
Row 4 SC across to dc's, **bpdc around next dc, fpdc around next dc** across all dc's, sc across to end, finish off.

Repeat side finishing on opposite side, using first side as a guide for placement of fpdc's and bpdc's (mirror image)

Attach buttons, or velcro if desired, or use a snappi or pins for closure.
button placement, and how I prevent leg gaps on the small setting...(click image for a larger picture)

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Jessica said...

What size does this make? I am looking for a wool wrap b/c I don't like the pull ups. I would need a large. My DD is only 9 months and can't stang up for me to pull them up! LOL Thanks for sharing!

Jessica said...
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Patty (Mummatutu) said...

Did we every get an answer to what size this makes??? I made one tonight and it lookgs rather small but, I could have crochet too tightly... gauge would have been good for this pattern but, if we could know what size it was intended to fit them maybe I'd be able to modify for my dd size? Thanks for any help... patty

Unknown said...

As close as I can tell, somewhere between a medium and large. I'm sure it could be adjusted to fit smaller babies.

Ashli said...

On row 19, sc all the way across, says we should have 31 sc, but I've done the last section twice, now, and STILL only get 28. I think I'm doing something wrong, but I don't know what!! Any idea?

Unknown said...

I made this and was very happy with it. The only thing I did differently was to make my buttons movable. I sewed a large button to the back of a smaller decorative one. The smaller one can be placed from the inside wherever you want to put it and the larger one stays inside the cover. They can then be moved wherever you want at any time.

molly said...

Thank you sooooo much for posting this pattern. I knit the soakers for my first daughter but have gotten so used to crochet lately, I'm resistant to switch back! This is a fabulous wrap! Exactly what I need! I will say that the way mine ended up was a size small so I will increase mine by 25% or more. Maybe I'll increase it even more so I can felt the wool and make it even more water resistant. Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you. I finished one in just one morning. I am on bedrest and this is the perfect project for my second daughter due any week now!

molly said...

Mary- the button idea is genius! What a great idea! Thanks so much for sharing it.

Sondra said...

I LOVE the Tickle Turdle and *THANK YOU* for another crocheted wrap! WOOHOOO! It's mah's mah birthday.... LOL! (Not really~I'm just REALLY EXCITED!!!!) (((((HUGS))))) sandi

Melissa said...

To do a Large, how would you do it? I have a 28# babe and a ton of wool to use up before he's out of diapers! And I love this idea. I have made the longies and LOVED that pattern, but this one looks too cute! Any help would be awesome!

Vanessa777 said...

Hello there, I made your wrap for my newborn daughter and it is my favorite wool cover my far. Thank you so much for sharing it.

I was wondering if I might be able to speak with you about further ways in which I may use your pattern. If you have time and wouldn't mind speaking with me my e-mail address is

Thank you again!

Patty (Mummatutu) said...

I made 2 of these for my DD and I LOVE THEM... I decided to add touch tape to them and now they are my only wraps to use... I gave up the PUL these are so much softer and don't leave a mark on my little one's legs or back.. I LOVE them Thanks!!

Kim said...

Hi! I am a relatively new crocheter, and am making this for my 9 month old granddaughter. Things were going smoothly til I r4eached the side finishing. Now I am thoroughly confused! Where it says on row 1 to sc once in each dc(3 sc's), is it supposed to be 31 sc's, since it is 31 stitches across? Also, aare you supposed to go all the way around the wrap with the single crochet? Then, row 2 and 3, I am totally lost. Once again, are you supposed to go all the way around the wrap with these stitches, or what? Can you please help me out? I am so close to finishing this, and I am excited about it, to give my daughter for my grandbaby! Thanks for any and all help!

Amy said...

Hi! For the side finishing, you only work on one side at a time, not all the way around the will work down the first side, turn the work, and work back up the same side, turn and go back down again, following the stitch pattern for each row. Then you will finish off that side, go to the other side, and work a mirror image of the first side. I hope that helps a bit. If you have more questions, pls ask :D

Kim said...

Thank you so much! That helps a bunch!

Robin said...

I am also new to crocheting and want to make a bunch of these for my new baby as well as my toddler. How do I change the size? I haven't learned how to do that quite yet. Newborn and toddler.

Thanks Amy, this is adorable and easy to follow!!

Bianca said...

Your pattern is great! So easy to follow. And the resultis fantastic! I am half way through my second one. Can you tell me how you use them? Do you use them over a nappy/diaper like a soaker or do you put a booster in them and use them as anactual nappy/diaper? I amthinking ofadding a pocket for an absorbent booster. Thanks so much.

pcox56 said...

Is there a knit version of this - I am knitting hat booties and mitts and would like to do one of these but thought it might look odd if it is only crocheted item

Amy said...

* Bianca...I have used them both ways :)

*Pat... don't have a knit version of this particular pattern, but I DO have a knit pull on diaper cover/soaker pattern. The Li'L Aries Soaker (see pattern list at left), and it does have instructions for a newborn size. :) hth :D

A said...

How well does this work with a snappi or velcro?

~Kathy said...

How much yarn do you guess you need for this pattern? I'm buying wool yarn in a co-op, and each skein is 218 yards, and I'm wondering if one skein would be enough to do one cover...looking for a newborn size to start. And as I'm fairly new to crochet, how would one go about making this smaller if need be?

Entwined Essentials said...

I LOVE this pattern, thank you so much for sharing it! I too have decided to use velcro for these. So far I've made two and am loving them much better than my PUL covers. Not to mention that the pattern is super easy to understand and it works up very fast.

I'm also curious about what size this makes. Mine fit my 6 month old perfectly and she wears a medium size Prorap diaper cover. She's at 20 pounds right now. I'd like to have some more covers for when she gets bigger, how would you suggest making these bigger? Hook size, more rows of something? I appreciate the help, thanks again!!!

Amy said...

The gauge is 4sts/in, so for a larger wrap you can add accordingly...I've done a couple bigger ones just by going up a size in hooks more math that way, LOL. I haven't noticed a compromise on functionality at all, either.~ Amy

Rita said...

hi i love this pattern and was smooth sailing till i got to the side finishing. lol, iot says row 1 slip into the side of last dc. side? and then it says 3scs. 3scs where? and also im confused about the increase and decrease part. im just confused. is there a better way to explain this? i have an unfinished project and id love to have this on my babys bum :) thanks a bunch, Rita

MamaLuv said...

I just started crocheting Amy's Diaper Wrap and I got don't know how to do the "fpdc" and "bpdc". Can you please explain these to me a little more? Thank you.

Rita said...

Hello mamaluv, apparently nobody answers this blog anymore... I had to quit my project. Anyway fpdc and bpdc are simple once you get the hang of
it. Take your hook yarn over and instead of double crocheting into a stitch you're going to go behind the posts. And in front. Try youtube for a tutorial. If you're still having trouble post again and I will try and help. Good luck.

Amy said...

My apologies Rita...I do still respond to this blog, but it looks like your post came during a time when we were dealing with a death in the family, so some things got missed. As per your question, to do the side this point you have been working side to side, creating a more or less hour-glass shape...when you get to the side shaping portion, you will turn the work 90 degrees, and work along the ends of the previously worked rows, following the stitch pattern set in the pattern. This will create a stretchier snug to the leg effect that helps to keep the diaper contained within the wrap. Once finished with the first side, you will end off and work a mirror image on the opposite side. HTH, and again, my apologies. ~Amy

Rita said...

I am so sorry for your loss, im still confused. As I said its an unfinished project its been a couple months and the details arent fresh. in my first post I was more specific I know the instructions were confusing about the inc dec dec. Plz read my previod post and try to explain it better please. I cannot unravel it now :( thanks Rita

Unknown said...

How do you get the Snaps to stay secure?!

xxMercyLOVE said...

woohoo i finally found a pattern that i absolutely adore=] i'm out the door to michael's to buy a couple skeins of wool... i'm going to try to make a small size for my first baby, due any day now. hopefully i can finish one up in time! i'd love for him to leave the hospital in all natural cloth and wool. pul just doesn't seem like it would be comfortable to me. thank you for this wonderful pattern=]=]

Unknown said...

Hi There!

I was wondering if you lanolize these before using them over prefolds or fitteds or if you simply use them without any treatments.

Thanks for the pattern!

Unknown said...

Hi! I sincerely hope someone is still responding to this blog post! I am so excited to make these soaker wraps, however, I am stuck on row 4... If I follow the pattern and 4SC in each Dc across the row, I then have a big ruffle across the side. Then, I am supposed to repeat this for rows 5-13- how is that possible if I now have SC and not DC from row 4?!
This pattern looked so ridiculously simple, so I'm a bit amazed I'm stuck already so early on.
Can anyone please help point out where I've gone wrong and what needs to be done to get the desired finished product?
Thank you so much!
And to Taylor Victor, yes, I would recommend lanolizing the cover if you plan on using it as a cloth diaper cover!

ghatta said...

Janessa - I think you are supposed to SC in each DC across. The "4" goes with the Row label.

Unknown said...

Hello! Do you know how much yarn this takes in yardage or ounces? I would like to make this out of paton's classic wool instead of fisherman's wool and the paton's comes in a much smaller skein than the lion brand (210 yards, 8oz). Thanks!

Pix said...

It takes less than a skein of patons.

Unknown said...

Could you please explain further the demarcations of the increases and decreases? Is it in regards to the body of the soaker (the portions which are less than 31 stitches across)?