Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Taken the Etsy plunge...

So many people have told me over the years that I should sell my stuff...well, I'm finally doing it. A week ago last Friday I officially opened an Etsy. It took me months to get up the guts and just DO it already. So far so good...I'm starting to get the sort of assortment of stock (and crafting options) that interest me...I don't want to be stuck doing one sort of thing and end up being BORED out of my skull, LOL. My linky is Tangled Skeins So the name is no surprise, LOL...it fits me on so many levels ;) I have installed the mini Etsy widget here at WaTS...it is on the left side if you scroll down a bit. It just gives you a few examples of what I have in stock. At the moment I have several super soft Minkee pocket bibs, travel sized wet bags, fashion scarves, a hat, a fulled bag, and a Waldorf inspired rag doll. I have quite a few other things in the works, including some more hats, gauntlets, wool diaper soakers, and stuffed toys. Please keep me in mind when you are looking for items hand made with a lot of love. Pin It

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Grace Abounds said...

I love your stuff! Wanted to tell you that I went to you Etsy store, but the link you have in this post has a comma instead of a period before com, so I had to change it by hand. You might want to fix your link. :)

Tamara Slack