Monday, March 3, 2008

I couldn't resist!! More sewing...

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How to spend a lazy Sunday...I had a couple of diaper cuts of PUL left...I have a new order that I am waiting anxiously for, LOL...anyway, those two diaper cuts have been taunting me for the last week, so I cut out some fleece outers, and sewed them up...fine, good, turned out nice...then I flipped them over...tadaaa...blank canvas!!! Of course i couldn't just leave them that way...what kind of fun would that be? So I dug into my fleece scraps basket...of course I never throw anything away, LOL...matched up some colors, and sat and puzzled over what I could do that was flowers or butterflies or ladybugs or faries like I had done in the past for my girlies...AHA!! A little whale and a turtle...I had the perfect colored scraps, some poly thread...and the whole day ahead of me (darling hubby pretty much demanded that I stay off my feet as I had some pretty bad swelling Sat. night) so I sketched up some rudimentary designs, and sat down with my pile of scraps and my scissors and cut out the shapes I needed...and spent the rest of the day stitching them all, baby boy has two more unique, 100% made by mama covers! I can't wait to see his little bum in them!!
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